Invest in Hawaii, Invest in Golden Pacific

The state of Hawaii is a beautiful place to build a business, vacation, or even retire. Golden Pacific Ventures, Inc. is an EB-5 Regional Center approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service to provide business opportunities to foreign investors in the U.S. State of Hawaii. Each EB-5 business is a project co-owned by the investor that creates jobs for Americans and boosts the local economy. Each project is developed under a Management Agreement between a group of EB-5 Investors and Golden Pacific in expectation of generating a financial return and qualifying the investor for US permanent resident status under the EB-5 immigration category. invest in America, while becoming an America.


EB-5 investment in Hawaii

Hawaii is an attractive location for investment. Hawaii’s mid-Pacific location provides residing companies with a presence in Asia- Pacific markets at a lower cost than major Asian capitals, while offering political stability, legal protection, and U.S. rights and freedoms. Approximately 6.5 million tourist and business visitors come to the islands annually. Hawaii has weathered the current Great Recession better than the rest of the US, with lower unemployment, higher personal income growth, and stronger home sales.